Founded in 2019, the institution ” Salymbekov University “is a direct continuation of the previously launched educational projects of the Public Foundation” Askar Salymbekov Foundation”, founded in 2012, which identified the most important areas for stimulating the development of human resources, education, science and the formation of a new generation of enlightened youth. The Foundation has implemented many major projects related to the education of schoolchildren and students, the publication of books, seminars, round tables, forums and other platforms for various companies, organizations and educational institutions, as well as events with the participation of international lecturers. All these projects allowed to train and enlighten more than 25 thousand people. Founder of the Public Foundation “Askar Salymbekov Foundation” A. Salymbekov with graduates Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan  

  Our strategy considers training in the medical direction of citizens: KYRGYZSTAN, CIS COUNTRIES, FOREIGN  COUNTRIES



So in 2014, the Foundation launched a successful educational project for youth – Public School “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan”, which had a huge positive effect on a new generation. Its unique, not having analogues, integrated training courses and motivational classes gave students and young people to master the so-called “soft skills”, new knowledge and skills for personal growth and formation of leadership qualities. Despite the fact that this school was conceived as a platform for learning only 100 people, her work did not cease. Numerous positive feedback and requests have become a reason to continue this initiative, followed by subsequent sets in this school. To date, about 1,100 students and members of the Kyrgyzstan of Kyrgyzstan became graduates of 11 streams of public school “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan”. Successful experience with the public school for students and young people, as well as reviews and handling from the public, have become a push to the launch of similar educational projects for other age groups. So, in 2016, for students of the Mid-Educational Schools, the “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan” adapted for them was launched, the training in which about 800 students of senior classes were completed. Since 2017, an educational project called Public School “Future Leaders of Kyrgyzstan” for students of secondary and junior classes has been launched, the total number of graduates of this school is about 450 people. Children were not left without attention, especially for them in 2018 the educational project for children of preschool children “Smartik” was launched. An important step of our development was 2017, when all the above projects were overtaken in one project, namely, the Salymbekov Business School business school, whose activities were focused on such 5 areas as a “School of Leadership” (covering educational projects for all age-related Groups), “School of Business and Management”, “Stem School”, “Language School” and “School of Intensive Development”. At the same time, special attention was paid to the propaganda and popularization of English in the Kyrgyz Republic, where, through the implementation of key projects and initiatives, the process of the development of a multilingual education system was launched. Positive feedback and words of gratitude metropolitan schoolchildren and students, one-time educational events in regional centers caused a wave of requests by residents of the regions of the country, who asked to open similar schools. Based on this, the scaling process of Salimbekov’s business school on the principles of social entrepreneurship was launched, i.e., an educational project with socio-economic orientation was implemented. Branches of business schools were opened in the cities of Jalal-Abad, Osh, Batken, Karakol, Talas Naryn, Balkchy and in the villages of AT-Basha and Novo Pokrovka. These branches, like a head school in Bishkek, are focused on the upbringing and formation of a new generation of educated, independent and responsible youth and future leaders. As part of these public schools, an additional modern education is provided, which is not included in the program of educational and higher educational institutions of the country. Thanks to successful experience and practice in the implementation of educational programs and projects, as well as due to the urgent need for the introduction of modern methods and programs for the preparation of highly qualified and demanded personnel, it was decided to establish a new educational institution “University of Salymbekov”, the priority objectives of which are five important Directions involving such areas as: medical education, IT sphere, vocational education, economics and law, as well as agriculture. One of these first areas of our University is the Faculty of Medical Faculty, where highly qualified medical personnel will be prepared in our country and abroad will be carried out on international standards. The use of effective teaching techniques and modern educational programs ensures the high competitive ability of our graduates both in the domestic and the foreign labor market, and also allows them to successfully carry out their work in the international arena. Our university is preparing medical personnel on international standards with the management of the learning process in English.

University Mission

University University Institutions Mission is the formation of a universal platform in the Kyrgyz Republic in the form of a modern higher educational institution, which operates in the field of high-quality provision of educational services on high international standards. The priority of our university is the export of educational services and high-quality training of highly qualified personnel with all the knowledge and skills of specialists in various directions. In addition, our mission lies in


Priority goals of our university

  1. IT-sphere
  2. Business management
  3. Agriculture
  4. Vocational education
  5. Medical education

University Mission

The university is aimed at revealing the entire huge potential of the multilingual education system, when students and students and students are successfully mastering English to a series with state and official languages. Modern knowledge and skills in combination with the free possession of the international language gained in our university increases the competitive ability of our graduates both in the domestic and the foreign labor market, and also allows them to successfully carry out their career activities in any English-speaking country.