Салымбеков Аскар Мааткабылович main In the vision of every Kyrgyzstan people who hopes for the best, by 2030 Kyrgyzstan will become a competitive country with a diversified economy, high per capita incomes, and a full and active member of the global community. To achieve this, it is necessary to focus on the main wealth – human resources. The driving force of the economy, the enlightened elite are scientists, teachers, investors, entrepreneurs and workers who create knowledge, finance and develop businesses, provide the economy with labor and create the foundation for competitiveness at the global level. Providing an opportunity for citizens to acquire world-class knowledge and skills, as well as critical thinking abilities is one of the strategic priorities of the university.

In this regard, it is necessary to develop the following areas:

  • A system of secondary education that will allow young people to enroll in the world’s leading universities, reduce the knowledge gap and ensure a smooth transition to higher professional education.
  • National research centers that will allow domestic scientists to be at the epicenter of solving the most acute problems, and the state to use the internal resources of the Academy of Sciences.
  • A system of vocational and technical education that will prepare the country’s workforce with the technical skills necessary for a competitive and successful economy.
  • A system of higher education that allows us to train leaders and highly qualified specialists necessary for the growth and socio-economic development of the country.
To date, the above-mentioned reforms are possible only through practical results, as a model of reforms. An example of a development trajectory for secondary education is the university’s business school «Salymbekov Business School» with a number of projects, such as “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan“, “Juvenile Leaders of Kyrgyzstan“, “Future Leaders of Kyrgyzstan“. SBS BannerThe Buisness school is an institution that provides comprehensive education with a modern approach. It has a unique educational program, a recognizable brand, and a community of qualified coaches and teachers. The Salymbekov School provides high-quality and affordable additional education in the following areas: “school of leadership”, “school of business and management”, “STEM school”, “language school”and” school of intensive development”. The business school has 10 independent branches in all regions of the country, which operate on the principle of social entrepreneurship in the field of education. The educational activities of the founders are primarily aimed at opening educational institutions with a comprehensive, intensive, motivational and modern training program aimed at comprehensive human development. Today, the country lacks support for research and science, which is necessary to create the knowledge necessary for the growth and diversification of the economy, there is no system for solving the most pressing scientific, engineering, economic and social challenges facing the country, as well as a negligible opportunity for cooperation with the world’s leading scientists and research institutes. Университет Фасад Becoming a knowledge – generating university is the most important task for us. However, entrepreneurs, business leaders, financiers, and workers must take advantage of this knowledge and transform it into economic growth and prosperity for the entire country. Graduates of higher education institutions in Kyrgyzstan should have the best technical skills and opportunities to use these skills creatively in an ever-changing economic reality. The University should become one of the first universities to promote the higher education system of Kyrgyzstan to the world level in terms of the quality of the knowledge provided. To do this, the university must have academic freedom and autonomy, and the educational process, integrated with research and production, becomes a model for other universities. Салымбеков университет Аудитории The University is a clear example of investing private initiatives in an institution that can contribute to the future of the country. To succeed, the university must not only follow its mission: “to train graduates who meet high international standards and are able to contribute to research, education and the national economy”, but also to prove in every possible way that private initiatives have proved to be justified and effective for solving global problems. The results of research, their quantity, quality and impact on the economy will be a real confirmation of this. In addition, over time, it will become a task to maintain its position among the best universities, for which it is necessary to make even more efforts and improve from year to year. The dynamic academic and research culture of the university will attract the attention of the best scientists and teachers of the country, arouse the interest of foreign universities, becoming an active member of the international academic and scientific community.  

Founder of the University

Askar Salymbekov