The public school "Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan" is a time-tested educational project of the Public Fund "Askar Salymbekov Foundation", which for 4 years has provided about 900 young people with high-quality additional education.

A specially developed and unparalleled curriculum of the public school in the Kyrgyz Republic is designed for young people and students with a 3-month training period.

The MLK school is successfully implementing its mission on the path to the formation of an enlightened layer of the population, from which real leaders and outstanding personalities will emerge in the future.

The effectiveness of the curriculum is achieved through training in the "Four in One" program, where classes are held in such areas as:

1. Motivational trainings

2. Professional lectures

3. Useful meetings and tours of successful companies

4. English

This program "Four in One" provides for 3 months of training and classes 5 times a week for 2-3 hours each. A three-month comprehensive training, which is distinguished by its uniqueness and effectiveness, is provided for only 4,000 soms.

Our program is the most effective and affordable, as students participate in trainings and classes in 17 areas for this amount, while the average price for a course of only one training reaches 5,000 soms.

All trainings and motivational classes are conducted by leading specialists and professional trainers who organize practical excursions in business companies of various types, NGOs and state enterprises, as well as useful meetings for MLK students with successful and outstanding personalities of the country.

Practice shows that graduates of the “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan” public school easily adapt to a new environment, become very competitive in the labor market, and confidently implement their projects and proposals. Many graduates of the 9 streams successfully work and conduct their individual activities in various fields and directions.