The Public School "Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan" is a unique educational project of the Public Foundation "Askar Salymbekov Foundation", which is aimed at high school students (grades 7-11).

A specially designed curriculum is distinguished by its effectiveness in the education and upbringing of schoolchildren who master the program for 3 months.

The school is a platform for further realization of opportunities, building up one's intellectual potential, as well as raising the cultural and spiritual level by mastering a unique set of trainings and motivational classes, where special attention is paid to learning English.

The "Three in One" curriculum of the public school "Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan" is being implemented in 3 areas.

1. English

2. Motivational trainings and classes

3. Mental arithmetic

This program "Three in One" provides for 3 months of training and classes 6 times a week for 2-3 hours each. A three-month comprehensive training, which is distinguished by its uniqueness and effectiveness, is provided for only 4,000 soms.

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Our program is the most effective and affordable, as students participate in trainings and classes in 20 areas for this amount, while the average price of only one training reaches 4,000 soms.

For students, trainings and motivational classes are conducted by the best trainers and teachers. According to the curriculum, their activities are aimed at instilling in students useful skills and in-demand knowledge, thanks to which students successfully develop personally and socially.

As practice shows, the ULK public school has a positive effect on the social behavior of high school students, on their academic performance and on their relationships in the family.

The most significant advantage is the increase in internal self-esteem, confidence and the acquisition of practically useful skills and abilities of a successful person.

Based on our experience, we can say that graduates of the 7 streams of the ULK school became active participants in socially oriented projects, and also became successful applicants and entered the best universities in the country.

In addition, schoolchildren who previously encountered difficulties in their studies, in academic performance, as well as in relationships with parents and relatives, with peers and with society as a whole, show good results after graduating from the ULK public school and are distinguished by exemplary behavior and useful skills. .