Public School "Future Leaders of Kyrgyzstan" is a unique educational project of the Public Fund "Askar Salymbekov Foundation", which is specially designed to provide quality additional education to teenage students aged 9 to 13 years.

The training period is 2 months and includes an effective four-in-one curriculum, implemented in 4 areas:

1. English

2. Motivational trainings and classes

3. Mental arithmetic

4. Creative pursuits

Лекции СБС Творческие занятия БЛК на лекции

This program "Four in One" provides for 2 months of training and classes 6 times a week for 2-3 hours each. A two-month comprehensive training, which is distinguished by its uniqueness and effectiveness, is provided for only 4,000 soms.

Our program is the most effective and affordable, as students study in 8 directions for this amount, while the average price of education in only 1 direction reaches 3 thousand soms.

The school is focused on stimulating the interest of schoolchildren in learning, in mastering new subjects, in setting and achieving goals, and most importantly, in harmonious development in society and the family. Our program stands out for its areas, where students, along with useful skills and necessary knowledge, simultaneously learn English.

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In an important period of adolescence for every child, professional psychologists will conduct personal training for them to effectively set goals and achieve them, optimistic perception of change, combat internal fears and complexes, as well as easy adaptation in society and establishing positive relationships with others. An integrated approach to teaching gives students the opportunity to develop equitably, learn foreign languages, stimulate their intellectual growth and unlock their creative potential.

Our experience proves that such trainings have a positive impact on students, who increase the level of independence, responsibility, academic performance, as well as the level of harmonious relationships in the family and in society as a whole.

The advantage of the BLK public school lies in the use of innovations in the field of additional education using new methods of the game format.