The institution “Salymbekov University” features a student council, which represents independent social activities of students aimed at improving students ‘living conditions, representing students’ interests, is actively involved in the public, educational and scientific activities of the university and provides a significant contribution to improving the quality of university education.

Structure of the Student Council

структура студенческого совета

The student Senate consists of 8 members, each of which is responsible for its direction: Sports, Finance, Senate Management, Deputy.

In 2019, from the moment of the founding, the election of the president and the composition of the student Senate was held. A general vote and with the approval of the University’s leadership by the President of the Student Senate, a student of GM 1-19 Hamza Hafeez was appointed, which is characterized by a decisive volitional character, excellent study at the university and the desire to protect the interests of students before the administration and officials in their native country.