General regulations

The Council of Young Scientists (hereinafter SMU) "Salymbekov University" is a public organization and is formed from among teachers, researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates of all structural divisions of the University under the age of 35. The composition of SMU is approved by the rector of Salymbekov University. The activities of SMU are financed from Salymbekov University's own funds by a separate line in the article "Scientific activity" of the cost and income estimates of Salymbekov University, from sponsorship receipts from enterprises, organizations, other legal entities and individuals.

Goals and objectives of the Council of Young Scientists

SMU is created to promote the realization of the creative potential of young scientists and university teachers. SMU unites the efforts of young scientists to develop priority areas and topics of scientific research, contributes to making their results available to the general scientific community. SMU summarizes the positive experience of scientific, methodological and pedagogical work of young scientists and teachers, takes initiatives to introduce it into production and the educational process. SMU promotes the activation of interdisciplinary research, for this purpose it carries out contacts and interaction with the scientific youth of higher educational institutions and scientific institutions of the republic.

Composition of the Council of Young Scientists:

  1. Umetalieva M.N.
  2. Knyazev I.A.
  3. Syrdybaev A.Zh.
  4. Sydykova S.B.
  5. Jolboldieva M.
  6. Bopushova A.

The position of the Council of Young Scientists