General regulations

The regulation was developed on the basis of the Charter of the Institution "Salymbekov University" (hereinafter the University), the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On Education" and other regulatory legal acts regulating the activities of higher professional educational institutions.

This Regulation has been developed for the purpose of social support of students and strengthening the motivation of students to achieve high educational results, as well as providing additional social guarantees to certain categories of University students.
This Regulation establishes a unified system for providing tuition benefits for students from among the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic studying at the University on a contractual basis, and defines the procedure, types and terms of granting benefits to certain categories of University students.
Social support for students is the provision of benefits to students in the form of a reduction in the cost of tuition fees by an amount expressed as a percentage of the established tuition fee.

Social support benefits can be provided in the form of: free accommodation in a hostel, preferential meals, etc. Benefits may be granted in the form of exceptions in other special cases if there are good reasons that the commission considers sufficient.
The University provides social support to students and provides them with benefits for tuition fees, based on the decision of a special commission created and headed by the President of the University.

All forms of social support, including tuition benefits, are considered by a special commission and submitted for approval to the founders of the University.
The order, types and sizes of social support provided to University students are determined independently based on the financial capabilities of the University.
Social support can be provided to University students in the form of a deferral or installment payment for tuition fees on the recommendation of the heads of academic departments of faculties and the absence of academic and financial arrears in tuition fees for previous semesters.

Regulations on social support of students