The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Medicine at Salymbekov University is focused on conducting scientific research and advanced study of medicine.

Students will conduct in-depth research projects working on current medical topics. The goal of medical research is to contribute to the development of medical knowledge and subsequent publication in world-class scientific journals

Duration: Duration of the Ph.D. program. in medicine at Salymbekov University takes 3 years.

Study program: Students are also required to take additional training in research methods, statistics, and relevant subjects related to their field of study.

Dissertation The final part of the Ph.D. program in medicine is defending a doctoral dissertation. Students must defend their dissertation before a committee of medical experts in the relevant field.

Subsequent careerGraduates of Ph.D. programs in medicine will pursue careers in the medical field as researchers and educators. Graduates can also work in pharmaceutical research and development. companies, medical institutions, government agencies or conduct consulting activities in the medical field.