LLC Medical Center for Eye Microsurgery
"Dordoi-Ophthalmic Service"

Azisbek Eshmambetov

Head Eshmambetov Asizbek Eshmambetovich Excellence in Public Health of the Kyrgyz Republic Founder in 1995 and permanent head of the MC MHG "Dordoi-ophthalmic-service" and, the only one in Central Asia, a laboratory for the manufacture of individual eye prostheses. The eye microsurgery center "Dordoi-Ophthalmic Service" was established in 1996 . Today, the center is successfully developing and provides almost all types of modern ophthalmological services, and also enjoys high confidence of the population not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in neighboring countries. The center is equipped with unique equipment. Ultrasonic phacoemulsifier "LEGACI" of the latest technology in the USA. In addition, the INFINITI Eye Appliance was purchased in 2016, which is the latest generation device and allows you to remove cataracts without suturing. In this case, the patient is in the clinic for no more than a day. Specialists of "Dordoi-Ophthalmic Service" use in their activities a modern method of surgical treatment of cataracts. The country's only laboratories for the manufacture of individual eye prostheses and a laboratory for the production of soft contact lenses are successfully operating. Since 2000, the Dordoi-Ophthalmic Service Medical Center has been a profitable enterprise. Four years ago, Dordoi-Ophthalmic Service was recognized by the Ministry of Health as the best medical institution in the republic among non-state medical structures. Today, the management of the center considers it necessary not only to equip the clinic with modern equipment, to raise the level of medical personnel and improve service conditions, but also to expand the range of services offered. The use of microsurgical, laser and other modern technologies will allow anemic plastic surgery to eliminate cosmetic defects of neoplasms with minimal risk after surgical complications and will serve as an alternative to complex, difficult operations under general anesthesia with a long stay in the hospital.

Under the leadership of the General Director of the MC MHG "DOS" Eshmambetov Asizbek Eshmambetovich, together with the Department of Eye Diseases of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, for the first time in Kyrgyzstan in 2002, and then in 2007, 2011 and 2015. Central Asian conferences on ophthalmology were organized. More than 250 ophthalmologists from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Germany, Turkey, India, USA and Finland participated in the conferences.

Today, the Medical Center for Eye Microsurgery maintains a relationship with specialists from other countries. The company employs a professor from Kazakhstan and a specialist in the manufacture of prostheses from Moscow. The development and implementation of new techniques requires certain training of medical staff. Permanent internships for doctors and nurses are made.
In 2016, the Institution for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities was provided with free services for eye surgery, in the amount of 10-12 people.

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Fuchika 3/4



+996 (312) 65 88 93

0 500 65 88 93

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