Qualified teachers

В университете трудятся самые квалифицированные преподаватели


Modern University

The university is equipped with the most advanced equipment for securing educational materials


Clinical bases

The University has both its own and affiliated clinical bases where students practice


Welcome, Entrant - 2023!

Choosing us - you choose the best quality of education!

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Material and technical base

It gives an opportunity for students to receive high-quality education in a new simulation room, in computer classes

Students have access to over 140,000 books online and hardcover.

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Useful materials

The helpful tips below will help you organize your own time and your life.

What profession should I choose? (online profession testing)

The most difficult question in every person's life! Because when we choose a profession, we choose the future. And not only his own, but also

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Молодой задумчивый человек

Student Time Management

The student's life is full of bright events: studies, new acquaintances, creative hobbies, meetings with friends, a session, etc. How to keep up with everything and not get tired?

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тайм менеджмент

How to prepare for exams: 12 tips

Do you have exams ahead of you, and do you want to be at the peak of your cognitive abilities?
Yes, test preparation can be

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Девушка читает книгу



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