Dear students, teachers and staff!

Жунушалиева Нурзат Манасовна

Welcome to our new college, the International College of IT and Business!

Transition is never easy, whether it be school, college, university, or any other practical stage of life.

As an educator and parent, I understand that these years are a very exciting time of year when children enter new life channels, explore themselves, their talents and their profession.

I believe in practicality, not cramming. I believe in people, not machines. I believe in learning, not grades. Since our university has met the expectations of students and parents in a short time, I assure you that it will continue to meet expectations in the future.

Our college trains IT specialists in a unique program together with Lincoln University Malaysia. We pay special attention to the in-depth study of the English language.

Only in our college you can get a double diploma: Kyrgyz and international.

I am honored to be a part of this team. We are a family. We need to work as a team. Either it's us or nobody. It's all for one and one for all.

If you have any ideas, tips or problems, please come and discuss. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, whether professional or personal. Please feel free to come up with new ideas, new innovative methods, new societies, new programs and new talent.

First of all, we are a team. We must do everything as a family. We want a secure future for OUR children. OUR children are OUR priority. We will make the impossible possible. We will see the invisible together. Welcome to our college!

Thank you!