The Academic Council of the University carries out general coordination of work in terms of educational, teaching, research, scientific and methodological work, recruitment and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel.

The composition of the Academic Council is approved by the President of the University, for a period of 2 years in coordination with the General Meeting of the Founders and the authorized state body in the field of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Chairman of the Academic Council is the Rector of the University.

The Academic Council consists of the rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, the head of the educational and methodological department, heads of departments, heads of other scientific and pedagogical departments, student public organizations. Also, the academic Council includes representatives of faculties and other structural educational units, from among leading scientists, professors and associate professors, elected in accordance with the established procedure.

Composition of the Academic Council

International Medical Faculty

Chairman – Жумадилов Э.Ж., PhD

Deputy Chairman – Tulekeev Т.М., Doctor of Medical Sciences, prof.

Secretary – Kazakov A.A.


 Members of the Academic Council:

  1. Zhumadilov E.Zh. - Chairman, PhD
  2. Tulekeev T.M., D.M.N. – Deputy Chairman.
  3. Monolov N.K. Candidate of Medical Sciences
  4. Mazekova N.Zh, к.ф.н.
  5. Kazakov A.A. – Scientific secretary.
  6. Umetalieva M.N.
  7. Zhunushalieva N.M.
  8. Stalbekova T.S.
  9. Akmatova A.T.
  10. Kuldanbayev N.K. MD.
  11. Elemanova R.Sh. Candidate of Technical Sciences
  12. Tokusheva T. S., Ph.D.
  13. Lim E.Yu., Ph.D.
  14. Pirimbayeva Zh.Zh. Candidate of I.N.
  15. Kulmatov A.Sh.
  16. Arzieva N.N.
  17. Kunasova M.T.
  18. Knyazev I.A.
  19. Representatives of the Student Council.

Basis: decision of the Academic Council of March 25, 2022