The Scientific Library of Salymbekov University includes full-fledged paper and electronic resources, catalogs, electronic journals and databases to promote the development and provision of educational and research resources for students and teachers of the University through all forms and methods of library and information activities.
Научная библиотека является одним из значимых структурных подразделений вуза, ответственная за учебно-воспитательный и научно-исследовательский процессы и имеющие следующие ресурсы:

The Research4Life portal of the World Health Organization, which provides full access to electronic publications, journals and libraries in the field of medicine, IT, architecture, agriculture for high-quality training of generalists. The university has full access to the Research4Life portal, which includes more than 198,000 electronic, 40,000 journals and 150 resource bases.


The SAGE Publishing portal, which is one of the world's largest publishing houses, publishes more than 1000 magazines, books on medical, humanitarian and natural science topics every month.





Portal "DeGruyter", one of the largest European publishing houses, including a database of 210 journals in the academic and human sciences




  • Portal of Lincoln University College (LUC), one of the best universities in Malaysia, a partner university of our university, which provided access to its databases (books, journals, monographs) in key areas such as medicine, business, IT, healthcare.




Portal "EBSCO Publishing", which is the largest supplier of scientific resources of the world's leading publishers, providing access to 15 thematic databases on medicine, IT, business and management. The resource contains over 160,000 monographs, books and journals. There are full-fledged databases on medicine "Medline", IT, economics and business, which enable our students to receive modern knowledge.




Students also have access to the educational portal KNOX, which has a wide range of educational and research bases in the field of medicine, IT and business.