logo Salymbekov university логоSalymbekov University is the main founder of the American Institute of Technology, represented by the founder Salymbekov Askar, the president Zhumadilov Amangeldi and the rector Zhumadilov Esengeldi .



Emil Bilgaziev, PhD – Founder of the American Institute of Technology, developer, technical director of one of the divisions of Facebook, graduate of KTU “Manas” and educated in the USA (PhD in Computer Science, 2013, Master in Computer Science, 2009, University of Houston). Emil Bilgaziev in such well-known companies as Shell, LinkedIn, Logichub, Uber, Snapchat



Munara Tolubaeva, PhD - Director of the American Institute of Technology, AI developer at Intel Corporation. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, 2010-2014, from the University of Houston and a Master's Degree in Informatics, 2006-2009, from Middle East Technical University. Munara Tolubaeva, PhD has worked in such companies as Total, PGS, ISP, Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corporation.



Рысбек АлдагандаевичAbdyldaev Rysbek - Co-founder of the American Institute of Technology, Vice-Rector for Advanced Programs and Research, MD, Professor. Abdyldaev Rysbek is a recognized world expert in the field of oncology and biomedicine, lives and works in the USA at the Cureline Group corporation.