Акматова Айжан Токтомушовна
Акматова Айжан Токтомушовна – заведующий Учебно-методическим отделом

The Educational and Methodological Department is an independent specialized structural subdivision of the University, which carries out planning, coordination, control of the implementation of the educational process and educational and methodological work at the University, and is directly subordinate to the rector.

The educational and methodological department is headed by the head, who is appointed by order of the rector of the university. The head of the department organizes his activities and employees of the UMO in accordance with the main tasks and functions of the department, regulations on departments, as well as job descriptions of employees

At the moment, the head of the Educational and Methodological Department is Aizhan Toktomushovna Akmatova, a graduate in the field of organizing the educational process and conducting educational activities at the Salymbekov University Institution.

The main goal of the activity of the educational and methodological department of the university is to increase the efficiency of work at the university in the implementation of the main professional educational programs of higher education.




Regulations on UMO

Job description of the head of the UMO