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Address st. Maldybaeva, 24b / Akhunbaeva, 125 (International College of IT and Business)

st. Fuchika, 3 (International Faculty of Medicine)


  • +996 778 99 88 89 (International College of IT and Business)
  • +996 706 99 88 89 (International College of IT and Business)
  • +996 774 83 88 83 (International medical faculty)
  • +996 501 83 88 83 (International medical faculty)

Dear applicants!

Salymbekov University is glad to welcome you in the new academic year and is happy to open its doors for you. The University is a modern innovative educational institution, accredited in accordance with international education standards, and providing high-quality and advanced higher education in the field of IT, medicine, business, development of personal growth and leadership qualities. Founded in 2019, as a continuation of the educational activities of the Askar Salymbekov Foundation, Salymbekov, the university has all the material, technical and human resources to train qualified specialists in the field of IT, business and medicine. On the basis of Salymbekov University, the International Faculty of Medicine and the International College of IT and Business, the Salymbekov Business School with regional branches throughout the country are successfully operating.

The International Faculty of Medicine is a structural unit of the university responsible for the training of high-quality medical specialists and has a modern clinical base, innovative equipped laboratories, classrooms, sports facilities and highly qualified faculty, most of which have academic degrees of doctors and candidates of sciences in medicine and related regions.

The International College of IT and Business is a structural unit that provides quality education in the field of programming and new technologies. Together with the leading University of Malaysia (Lincoln University College), a unified educational program is being implemented to provide students with the opportunity to continue their education in Malaysia in the field of IT. The main areas of training of specialists include three main ways: software development, mobile application development, multimedia software development. In addition to the main classes, students study additional classes in visual effects, in-depth study of the English language, participation in the implementation of joint IT projects together with the Jyldyz Academy and the Choiro IT community.

Salymbekov University is an internationally recognized educational institution, included in the list of the World Health Organization (WDOMS), the FAIMER Association, having Sponsor Notes from the international organization ECFMG and being a member of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of Kyrgyzstan. The university is part of a limited list of universities that has access to the Research for Life, SAGE and DeGruyter databases with access to electronic resources from more than 198,000 books, journals on medical and related topics.

Since its foundation, the university has been actively developing international cooperation with leading universities and clinics of the world, such as Inha University and Inha Technical College (South Korea), Istynie University, Liv Hospital, Gaziosmanpasa Hospital (Turkey), Lincoln University college (Malaysia), Kazan Federal University ( Russian Federation) for the development of the IT sector, the creation and development of the field of information technology, programming, medicine, and business. For example, educational courses were successfully implemented to improve the skills of university staff to deepen the study of the Russian language, history and law together with Kazan Federal University, a joint educational program with Lincoln University college (Malaysia) is successfully operating to train students in the field of IT.

The university pays great attention to extracurricular activities of students. Thus, students actively participate in the management of the ENACTUS project, various IT events together with other students, trainings are conducted daily by the Business School to develop leadership qualities, personal growth and intellectual development. To improve their health, students can play football, visit gyms at the sports complex "Dordoy Sport", informal meetings are regularly held in nature to ensure cultural recreation for students.

Welcome to Salymbekov University