On February 10, 2021, a guest lecture by the Honored Doctor of Medicine and a world-famous expert in the field of neurology and diseases of the nervous system, Mr. Ernst Hans Hermann Schumacher, took place in the assembly hall of Salymbekov University. The biography of the professor is extensive and multifaceted. Mr. Ernst Schumacher has many years of experience in the field of neurology and psychiatry, including the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, the treatment of strokes. He has special knowledge in these areas and can share this knowledge in the form of theoretical classes and practical trainings.

The lecture was organized by Salymbekov University together with DOC University Clinic.

The event was opened with a welcoming speech by the President of Salymbekov University, Zhumadilov Amangeldi Zhumadilovich, who wished all the participants of the guest lecture fruitful work and presented a memorable gift to Professor Ernst Schumacher. The moderator of the guest lecture was the head of the Department of Clinical Disciplines Knyazev Igor Alekseevich.

During the guest lecture, the professor showed practical skills in assessing the state of the nervous system by examining the knee reflex and the structure of the human spine.

Students and teachers of the University came to listen to the professor, who learned new skills and knowledge in the field of neurology and the human nervous system. Our employees also took part in the guest lecture, such as the Rector of the University, Zhumadilov E.Zh., PhD, MD. Tyulekeev T.M., Ph.D. Tokusheva T.S., Ph.D. Mazekova N.Zh and other qualified teachers and staff.

После лекции участники задали профессору интересующие вопросы касательно нервной системы человека.

Salymbekov University expresses its deep gratitude to Professor Ernst Hans Hermann Schumacher for the wonderful lecture and the exchange of practical experience and knowledge.