In October of this year, a solemn event will be held in Bishkek on the occasion of the opening of a new innovative university - the Salymbekov University Institution. As the Head of the University Zhumadilov Amangeldi noted, this institution of higher education is focused on providing quality education in various areas for both students from Kyrgyzstan and students from foreign countries. “The University is named after the public figure and philanthropist Askar Salymbekov, who has been actively contributing to the development of the education system in our country for seven years now. On his initiative, major educational projects were implemented in the field of providing all residents of Kyrgyzstan with access to high-quality additional education, developing a multilingual education system, developing robotics and programming,” Zhumadilov said. He also said that the opening of a new innovative university is a logical continuation of their program for the development of the education system in the republic, where the priority is to provide the population with quality educational services and stimulate the growth of educational tourism in Kyrgyzstan, where students from far abroad will seek to study in the field of medicine, information technology, economics and international law. It should be noted that “Salymbekov University” has a strong material base and the best teaching staff, which, combined with international standards of quality education and a unique methodology for training highly qualified specialists, puts this educational institution on a par with the leading universities in Kyrgyzstan.